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Yo I'm Akira, this is my blog. I dont write much on here, just reblog stuff i posted on my rp blog. I like to draw as specified and I'll post my thoughts and work projects on here from time to time. So enjoy.

made a thing


I suppose its been long enough, I can post this up now.

(Not Yet For Sale)


Tumblr. RP 101

How to write hate


HamThor’s not so happy adventures.

Loki’s Adventures

-text in captions-


(i think its a bulbasour)

so after 4 hours the image is ready to be worked with for the video…

did i mention i did all this while in the bathtub?

Compared to the original image i think i did a decent job.

only a few things got edited so most of it IS the original image. but since i need to have moving parts and actuall moving mouths i needed to edit a tiny bit. tomorrow i work on the video itself and make it look all pretty and sheet.

I think I’m inlove with myself.