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Yo I'm Akira, this is my blog. I dont write much on here, just reblog stuff i posted on my rp blog. I like to draw as specified and I'll post my thoughts and work projects on here from time to time. So enjoy.

the beginning of Mephilies the dark and Scourge the hedgehog


I’m officially a year old! huzzah! its amazing I lasted this long~!

Gangster Akane

Representing the Ah-Wah-Ku-Su-Kai Yo!


Demon Izaya 

Commissioned by orihara-ori-izaya


Just another reason why Aozaki is my favorite.

A Progression of Crazy Akabayashi Drawing

Some Drawings I did.


I’m honestly very sorry

Left to right?

Pure Undistilled Aki


This is my uncensored personal. meaning i am totally open, honest and blunt about how i feel. i will swear and i may post some things that may trigger others. this is my vent blog as much as it is my day to day embarrassing life type of deal. 

Tread carefully