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Yo I'm Akira, this is my blog. I dont write much on here, just reblog stuff i posted on my rp blog. I like to draw as specified and I'll post my thoughts and work projects on here from time to time. So enjoy.
Title: Hello Tumblr FAILS
Artist: Izaya Orihara
Album: king-of-the-fleas
Plays: 6


I had ALOT of mess ups trying to get it to sound like i wanted.

Title: Hello Tumblr
Artist: Izaya Orihara
Album: king-of-the-Fleas
Plays: 74


I dont claim to be perfect at this voice but I’m willing to answer questions with it.


This one will be long over due but it will still happen.

Izehyeah and Akabayashi Lets play 2 is officially animated.


but seeing as it was posted on halloween at the time i think its only fitting i post this up on halloween. So you have to wait a month. AHAHAHAHAHAHA


Marty the Nightmare Man

I made a guy. His name is Marty.

Breaking the Fourth (A stick man Comic by Akira Saito—thats me)

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hells keepers doodles

various doodles

so like im gonna make all the characters from durarara in plush form. 

They will go on sale after.

Thats 40 durarara plushies.